Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm so not sure why I'm making this such a big deal; I guess I tend to mix and mingle with men of "few words."  But I went out on a limb and sent this photo to a friend and he responded that I was "breathtaking."  So I decided to do my own research on the word:

?Breathtaking: [breth-tey-kingadjective

  • thrillingly beautiful
  • remarkable
  • astonishing
  • exciting
Origin: 1875-80

So I'm wondering, what happened in the late 1870's that caused someone to coin the word "breathtaking"?
  • Stalin was born (yeah, that guy)
  • The lightbulb, telephone & phonograph was invented
  • Gold is discovered in South Dakota
  • Rockefeller organizes the Standard Oil Trust
But I'm not quite sure my looks would exactly fit into that category of landmark events that were probably breathtaking in a sense.
Then again, maybe the word came to fruition at a wedding where a groom was overcome with emotion upon seeing his bride, and the following exchange occurred at the reception:
Groom: I, I just don't know what to say. You, you are just...
Bride: Oh dear.
Groom: When I'm around you, I can barely breathe
Bride: Like you've lost your breath?
Groom: Like you've taken it away.. You're breath-taking.

But I'm 100% positive I don't fit there either.
But maybe I just gotta learn how to take a compliment.

Pass me an inhaler.


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