Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Love Re-invented.

So I fell in love. And then I fell out. I know, I sound like yet another nauseating Hollywood script flop that spent more dollars on the so-called A-list actors hired to play the pitiful lead roles than the money it got from viewers in the box office (think Gigli, Glitter... AHH! i Just called my self a real life J-Lo.. sick). But, it's true. And now all I feel is guilt for ever letting my guard down, because I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. Even God was screaming at me through the sound of my dad reciting scripture: "Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life." [Proverbs 4:23] And now, here I am, after going against not only my own gut instinct, but the instincts of just about everyone I considered close to me. I pushed away the people who meant the most to me due to pride and I have nothing to show for it, except a messed up relationship that wasn't even grounded in the first place. I SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING! I don't think I'm silly or naive. But blinded? Well, maybe... ehh.. well the point is, now I feel jilted.

So what's a jilted 19-year old, chemical engineering student, Christian woman, to do? Ha, and here I'd thought you'd NEVER ask! Well, I'm reinventing love. Sounds easy, right? Hahaha. And, for all of you people in love and in solid relationships, hear me out -- I'm not reinventing love in general, but what the definition of love is for myself. And I'm not sure what it means just yet. So for now, I'm focused on finding that meaning in and of itself and what it is to me. And for all of my Sisters (and Brothers) out there who may feel jilted, or rather may not have anything at all and is wondering where their Mister/Miss Right is, remember the words of Christ (because that's what I'm holding on to) : "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths" [Proverbs 3:5-6]. If you trust in Him first, then everything else will fall into its place.

And in that place, my four lettered word will be re-invented. And to all those I hurt along this discovery road, I apologize.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Let's not lose sight of the REAL Savior

So, congratulations Barack Obama, you've won the election and you are now the next President of the United States. True, I'm glad because I voted for you, but I beg of you - please don't let people put all their trust in YOU! Instead direct them towards the true savior and giver of hope and peace - Jesus Christ!

You see, I was psyched that the first time I got to use my privlege to vote was to put my voice into this historic election, where for the first time media's eye was on the young voters, the middle-class, and even the african-american population. Being black, and a college student, and having grown up in a middle-class household, I finally felt that my views were being heard! Finally some representation from someone who truly seemed to care about me [And not just Joe the Plumber either (ugh!)].

But all my joy did not rest in the belief that Barack Obama is going to be single-handedly responsible for saving the world and restoring hope and confidence to the American people in the government, but rather the fact that Jesus Christ is using President Elect Barack Obama, Vice-President Elect Joe Biden, and all other leaders in all levels of government to fulfill his purpose and complete the work he has begun on bringing the United States of America to where its destiny lies.

But most of all, I am filled with joy that God has always allowed things to happen for a reason. Even though I am glad with the news of history that was made with the election victory of Barack Obama, I am also glad that we had the experience of being led by President George W. Bush. Now some people have lost sight of the fact that we are to fully respect all of our leaders, but as Christians, we should live by the Word of God, and in his word he says "Do not blaspheme God or curse the ruler of your people". So with all due respect, I honor President Bush, after he truly gave his energy, time and thought, even amongst all the ridicule he received from people, media and even Christians, to see to it that America kept from going ary. And so should each of you.

So just as we are to respect President Bush in his last months as our nation's President, let us begin to bring Barack Obama, Joe Biden and all of his cabinet to the "throne of grace" and pray for his guidance and protection as he will lead us into our very unknown future. Whether you voted for Obama or not, it is your DUTY as a Christian to uphold our new leaders in prayer.

But even moreso, let us all realize that it is not Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Joe Biden, or Sarah Palin who can give us the salvation we need like the blood that Jesus Christ shed for our sins. God just gives us hope through the leaders he places in charge, and we are to respect all of God's key choices.

Let us NEVER lose sight of the REAL Savior.

"For the Change We Need", all we need is Christ the Lord.