Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Change is Gonna Come...

Soo... back to my list of the re-evolution of Ari!

Okay, so I admit it, I am a CHRONIC procrastinator. And I really need to stop because it is affecting me in all aspects of my life (school, work, personal). But loving, supportive people, do not fear: I have already begun working on reorganizing my life to ensure that I do not fall back into my old habits again! Starting with Google Calendar!! [Gmail is amazing!] So I have already laid out my plans in calendar form, so I know how to plan my schedule accordingly. When new tasks arise, I will strive to immediately place it on my Google calendar, and I will make sure I am reminded by email enough times so that I can get the job(s) done in a timely manner! I am already working on a lot for next semester, and I need to make sure I am fully prepared to handle the tasks that I am given.

Pray for me!

Love and Happy Thoughts...

Friday, December 5, 2008

I Write Changes, not Resolutions.

Isn't Christ amazing? Well in case you don't know it, He really is. And I definitely don't make His job easy. I don't study like I should, I jump the gun pretty often when it comes to relationships (sorry guys, but I do). I admit what my good friend and line sister Thomya always says: "Arielle, you are doing THE MOST!"

Can you blame me though? I want the most out of life, and I hate waiting around idly for things to just happen. And while I'm not saying throw all plans out the window and live life free as a bird - I am a suffering planaholic - I need to take those plans and align them with God's purpose for my life. Because He's the one ordering my steps anyway!

And since you may already know my stance on making resolutions for the new year, or using context clues now know that I pretty much don't believe in them, I am writing changes instead. So for the next few entries, I will be giving my brand spanking new 2009 update of the "soul waxing" I am praying that God will help me fulfill in His own time. Now it might not all get accomplished in just one year, but unlike Resolutions, I won't feel like a failure if I don't come through in the 365 days allotted next year. And instead of waiting until the ball drops in Times Square, I'm starting NOW:

1. Give up the driver's seat to God.

It all starts with my focus on life. The line (above) sounds cliche, like it belongs in a typical pastoral sermon, but it's true! I need to stop trying to take control of a life that should simply be in His hands. I am so impatient sometimes!

...To be continued later (I have a finals review)...

Much love, peace, and happiness.